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Travel Rates include Commissions, Markups and Service Fees

A vacation purchase through "traditional" channels such as Travel Agencies, Online Websites, or directly with a Supplier, can include the following components:

  • Net "Cost" of Vaction - Amount Retained by Vendors
  • Commissions - Commissions Earned for selling Vacations
  • Service Fees - Charged by Agency for Services
  • Mark-ups - Charged when Supply and Demand Warrant

'Travel at Cost' Eliminates Service Fees & Markups

Many agencies charge services fees to offset the cost of servicing non-commissionable travel such as airfare and many add markups when demand drives prices higher.

'Travel at Cost' Awards Commissions to Members

Comission earnings vary by travel type and can range from 10% to as much as 30% of the total rate. For all standard bookings, the majority of commissions are awared to members. For Member Prefered bookings 100% of commissions are  awarded to members.

'Travel at Cost' = Guaranteed Savings - Cruise, Car, Hotel, Package & Tours

Our "Travel at Cost" approach offers significants savings over the options most consumers face when buying their vacations because we eliminate all markups and service fees in additions to awarding commissions back to members off the price and through our Escape Dollar Loyalty Program. But there are also other "Hidden Costs" of travel that we help our members avoid.  Such as.......

Additional Savings - Group vs Regular Rates

With our program,you are purchasing as one of thousands, taking advantage of the purchasing power that comes from 25 years of experience and service more than 200,000 member vacations. By securing "blocks" of vacations we are able to concentrate our purchasing power and maximize member sangs.  

Additional Savings - Specials and Alternatives

As Members, our objetive is to save you the most money not earn the most commission. Our agent's incentive is to find you the best deal which may be a special run by a supplier, or a lower costing alternatives.  Unlike typical agencies that compensate agents based on how much commission they earn for the company, our agents are compensated based on how well they service our members which includes saving them money.

Our Greatest Savings - Resort Weeks!

What truly sets us apart from the typical travel agency are the unique relationships we have within the vacation ownership industry enabling us to secure luxurious condominium units at the worlds most popular vacation destinations.  Choose from thousands of Hot Weeks priced at $399 or less.  For all other weeks, you can save up to 70% verus comparale retail rates.  The number of Resort Weeks available to you each year will depend on your membership type.

Conclusion: Unbeatable Savings!

At GreatESCAPES we are confident in our ability to provide you with unbeatable savings while also providing exceptional customer service. This confidence comes from the simple fact that our pricing model will beat other travel agencies everytime.  When coupled with our unique, "Club Only" offerings, GreatESCAPS is the choice for those seeking to travel more for less.  If you are not yet a member, we encourage you to provide your contact information in the Join section of the site and learn more about our programs.

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